This is the first Ice event for the season and the course is now ready to ride ! There is another turn that I added and its on the south - west end on the in-bound portion of the course ! The route is now ready to ride and to practice on !

Here is some very important stuff for Saturday night !

This is tailgate Saturday night so please bring some food for yourself and to share with others. Grill Meister will bring Grillzilla and it is a very cool grill to cook food on !
The Frigid Bits Burn Barrel will make its first ice crit appearance so please bring some wood to share the warmth of the nearly world famous barrel, that may actually have a place in the tourist trap hall of shame !
So, if you would like to enjoy the social aspects of the night please bring food and adult bevs to share with others fellow velo brothers. There are several rumors that the Rev and his pack of flockers from the Church of the the Big Ring will also be there with his almost famous flask !

Here is the stuff for the crit.
Bring your old FB numbers
Sign up : 6:00 - 6:30
Practice laps: 6:30 - 6:45
Riders Meeting : 6:55
Ride 7 PM

Distance Classes
Scratch : 5 Laps ---- 5 miles
Sniff : 10 Laps ---- 10 miles

Please use this or the Frigid Bits forum for questions