Carlos called me this morning as I was going to help him prep the Goose Lake course. There is standing water on parts of the lake so he is changing the course to the same one as last time. Here is a copy of Carlos's posting from the last ride. More to follow when he gets back online. sc

From Goose Lake; ride over the overpass at Tudor, ride the Tour Trail, then ride it some more until you get to this park bench, turn on to this little ol' trail that will light you up real good ! Then you will ride/ wobble over to Rovers and blast down it past the rusty bridge then on to the Tour Trail. I don't care how you get back to Goose Lake, the lone exception is that riding roads and sidewalks is not allowed .
For the Fridgid Bit rookies, there will be plenty of opportunities to turn around early and come back for a cold beer . Please remember that this is a ride at your own pace ride and that helmets are required.