The Ice Crit is Cancelled. However, in its place will be a ride at your own pace XC ride followed by another outlandish Frigid Bits Tailgater with the almost world famous and soon to be North Americas only mt. bike shrine the Fabulous, yes; the cherry hot Fabulous Frigid Bits Burn Barrel!!! Those of you who haven't seen this non internationally known icon of the north, Saturday nite is your chance you feel its warm, moist Frigid Bit Birn Barrel hotness !

The course will be familiar but not. The route will also be wrecreational rider friendly !
The route will be the Tour Trail to View Point, View Point to Moose Meadows, turn left and ride Moose Meadows to the Black Bear Jct. turn right on Black Bear then left on Brown Bear ride this and then ride down to Roovers and hook up to the Tour Trail and ride back to the start. The wrecreational riders may want to choose to avoid the Brown Bear Thriller. Also, I do hope his holiness of the hops the one and only well lubed Reverend of the Church of the Mellow Chainring will be able to make an appearance and lead the wrecreational pilgrimage into and out of the wilderness.
Now, here is some important stuff: so take a swallow of that gnarly but tasty nearby adult beverage so you can better understand what your brain can't:
Start: 7 PM
Where: Goose Lake parking Lot
Sign up 6:30ish - 6:45
Ride at 7 PM
Cost : Free
Helmets are required !
PLease bring food and beverages to share ( a grill will be provided)
Also bring some wood to feed the Fabulous Frigid Bits Burn Barrel, ! !!!!
Alaska Endurance Association Ride Coordinator

I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm good once as I once was ..,