Fall time on Lost Lake

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  • 10-11-2008
    Fall time on Lost Lake
    I had the opportunity to take 8 friends down to Seward and ride Lost Lake at the end of Sept. This group was a mix of newbie riders, average riders and 1 mountain/road racer in Kevin Houlihan. The one thing they all had in common is none of them had ever biked this trail before. All in all we spent 5 hrs laughing, joking, eating and riding bikes on one of the best trails in Alaska, what a way to be introduced to mountain biking.
    Sorry, no actions shots this trip!

    OK, lets get to some pics:
    Jen gettin her stretch on:

    Did anyone clean that creek crossing?:

    Kevin and Jonathan take in the views:

    Time for a break with Jen in deep thought:

    Of course you get a Turner shot:

    This view never gets old:

    Sun setting at Millers:

    Time to settle in and drink some Rainier:
  • 10-11-2008
    Stupendous! :thumbsup:
  • 10-11-2008
    Dr Feelygood !
    Fantastic shots !
    My new screen saver(s).

    Dr FG. :)
  • 10-12-2008
    sean salach
    the last shot is incredible!
  • 10-12-2008
    Where is this place at??