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    fairbanks riding

    is their much mtb in fairbanks
    i live in australia at the moment but am thinking about going to uni in fairbanks and i wondering what the riding was like.
    down here when it gets below 50 people start having massive whinges
    i grew up in juneau so it is quite funny
    good thing about the trails down here is that they r almost always dry
    heaps of riding down here in general
    anyway thanks to anyone who replies

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    How do? This thread might be a good start:


    One of the last responses in that thread has a link to the Fairbanks bike club. Positive and negative takes on the community throughout. I've always liked the place.

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    There's some trail information on the local bike club site here in Fairbanks. http://www.fairbankscycleclub.org/

    Fairbanks doesn't have the trails that Anchorage or the Keni does but there is some good summer riding around town. Farther out of town is some great riding, the White Mtns. in particular has some good trails. These trails are accessed via the Steese and Elliot Hwys. There is some good riding out the Chena Hot Springs Rd in the Chena Hot Springs State Recreation Area.

    Winter is a different story with trails everywhere. With low snowfall, heavy usage and unique snow conditions our winter riding is second to none.

    The thread link from the previous post has lots of good information about riding around FBX. t

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    Great Winter Riding....

    was never much of a summer rider in the interior except for general commuting...but the winter riding is superb.

    Conditions very consistent, little or no wind, unlimited packed snowmachine and dog trails in every / any direction right out your backdoor.

    Commuting to the University is not a prob and 'accepted'.

    They also know how to re-grease bearings there...

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    Fairbanks Ride Scene


    That's sweet that you're heading up to Fairbanks, I think that you'll find that people in Fai are quite similar minded to the Aussie folks and you may find yourself quite at home.

    With regards to trail riding in the summer months; it is growing and continued efforts to improve and expand the riding availiable to the Interior since I have been here is great. There is a new bunch of singletrack being laid hopefully this summer around the north and east sides of Ester Dome with other trails popping up throughout the area all the time. A prop to Goldstream Sports, Tom, Geoff, and to others for their continued efforts there.

    A great introductory exposure to the lay of the landscape is to join up with the Fairbanks Cycle Club (FCC) *not to be confused with the Fairbanks Correctional Center* and hit some of the local trail offerings on the Tue. night "Doug-Rides". Plus it's a great way to network and meet new friends with commonalities you might have.

    Here's the FCC link: http://www.fairbankscycleclub.org/

    And, here's the Tue. Night Ride Descriptions/Maps Link: http://www.fairbankscycleclub.org/Rides/

    -Happy Trails

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