Example of wet trails

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  • 10-28-2004
    Queen Bee
    Example of wet trails
    Hey you Singletrack Advocates out there! Out of curiosity, I clicked on the IMBA thread posted about wet trails. It's kinda interesting--I can think of some spots on our trails that look/could look like this: http://forums.mtbr.com/showthread.php?t=20508 Today I set out to ride on the Tank Trail but couldn't get beyond the multi-use corridor by Hilltop. Thawed mud and water made for a gooey mess! Rode the road instead with my 2.5 Weirwolves for a bit of resistance training!
  • 10-29-2004
    True.. and a few examples..

    Originally Posted by Queen Bee
    -I can think of some spots on our trails that look/could look like this: https://forums.mtbr.com/trail-building-advocacy/wet-trails-20508.html

    Two quick comments and summarization of the refered thread.
    1) Basically it says that if the trail is in bad shape, turn around and take it another day instead of doing more damage.
    2) I have heard a lot , including in the refered thread, that Mt. bikers are to blame for all of the trail widing. Though in their particular example it looks like they are, I wish to offer a few counter examples in which the bikers went straight up the trail.

    This one is an issue on Rovers, because of winter grooming, puddles, and trail widening. Plus I think we measured the root to be 8" or so high from the one side and most riders didn't seem to be taking it when coming from the viewpoint side.

    This rest show that the bikes are going right up the trail but everyone else is going around the puddles on the left side. A counterexample to mt. bikers are the ones always widening the trails.

    Though even with a planned and newly constructed trails, they can still have drainage problems. Viewpoint , which is slightly crowned in the middle, after the heavy rain and then snow, right near the bridge at the lower lot Through this section it was about 1" deep on the crown and 2-3+" on the sides. When the trails are this wet we should probably not be on them. This day I was walking btw..