• 01-24-2009
    Early Days of SnowBiking - References
    I know we've had a thread or two on this subject...revisiting!

    Does anyone have a reference list of books, articles, newsreels with stories depicting the 'early days of Snow Biking' in Alaskan / Canadian / Far North?

    I have some refs. in my library, 'Wheels on Ice', Jensen et al...looking for more!

  • 01-25-2009
    I think Kathi and Bill Merchant probably have the largest collection of information on winter biking in AK. They have helped me figure out the history for my documentary and are just great people.
  • 01-25-2009
    sean salach
    Full Tilt: from Ireland to India by bicycle, by Dervla Murphy, has a bit of snowbiking in the first few chapters. they occurred in the 60's and she was riding a singlespeed armstrong bike(english racer style). it's more travelling by bike through the snow than snowbiking though, to be honest. she glosses over that part because i think it was kind of crappy for her.
  • 01-26-2009
    I have read accounts of goldrushers riding bicycles on the Yukon River in the early 1900s. I'm not exactly sure of the sources, but I'm sure google could track them down.