• 12-12-2009
    Downhill trails near Anchorage?
    I am contemplating a move to the area and am wondering whether or not to bring my DH bike. I know there has got to be tons of AM, XC, Epic riding (I am looking forward to this) but I was hoping to hear that there would be some DH/FR trails as well. Do any of the ski areas have lift assisted mountain biking? Any good earn your turn runs? With all of those mountains there has got to be something.

    What do you guys think?
  • 12-12-2009
    ...the forums on AKSPOKES.com. Make some contacts and become part of the movement...maybe someone will name a trail after you...
  • 12-12-2009
    sean salach
    There are plenty of earn your turn runs, though Anchorage itself is limited by bike access issues in the Chugach. Lot's of four wheeler trails an hour north in the valley that will get you some really good runs if you're willing to push to the top. Lift access is very, very limited, partly because lifts themselves are very, very limited.
  • 12-14-2009
    Thanks for the link and the info. Alot of the stuff I was looking for can be found on akspokes.com .
  • 12-18-2009
    Lots of great stuff up here, but very little in the way of dh mtn biking. Mtn biking in general is pretty limited. Unless you're planning on putting a lot of time into building trails, I wouldn't go through too much trouble to get your dh bike up here.
  • 12-21-2009
    I dont mind digging as long as there is some good (legal) land to work on. Are there any groups that maintain / build trails up there?