Thinking of putting together an event in Cordova during our Iceworm Festival, February 7-9 2014. This year would likely be pretty simple, consisting of:
An individual downhill time trial on our ski hill, Mt. Eyak. All human powered bikes welcome. Fatbikes or DH bikes suggested.

The idea is to test the waters as to whether there would be intereste in a full weekend of cycling events to Cordova during winter, 2015. Fatbike races, rides, music, beers...

2014 it would take place during Iceworm, so there is lots to do in Cordova anyhow.

We just got a new trail/road on the ski hill that will open up a ton more terrain, and this would be a great opportunity for folks to come check out Cordova and our quirky little winter carnival that is Iceworm.

So I'm throwing this out there, what do ya'll think?