The whole highway is in GREAT shape right now. For biking, if not for snowmachining. We have had effectively no snow since being dumped on in early-mid January, and all is super-hard - even some blacktop and gravel showing in places.

If only these January-like temperatures and winds ever would quit, it will make for the finest riding possible.

I have seen a total of THREE snowmachines on this eastern end of the Denali this weekend, and one of them was mine. There is NO ONE here!

The surface is no challenge at all for FatBike; even the Haro's summer tires do fine. But I've got a good companion for FatBike right now: WideRide.

My malamute, Voxy, was being taken care of by a Quest/Iditarod musher from December through last week, and he fed her not her own food but the super-high-protein and -fat racing food he gives his teams. 34% protein and 24% fat! Then he doubled her rations! So she plumped from 85 pounds to 99, and WideRide is her new name. Boy, does she ever need to put some miles on her......