Deadhorse follies-
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    Deadhorse follies

    My apologies to AKBILL who was writing a story on my ride from Deadhorse to Skinny Dick's. It had all the makings of a good western...Deadhorse, coastal plane, northern most mountain range in the US, northern most truckstop in the world, 35,000 ft of climbing in 520 miles, and of course Skinny Dick's Half-way Inn, and not to mention the fact that I was the only one on the flight up and they wouldn't let me sit in first class! *****es....
    But it was all cut short when I kept crashing on the hard blown and rutted glare ice of the haul road. 3 crashes in 36 miles, and I had a stud on the front! Finally decided the barren coastal plane was not a good place to break a colarbone, and I wasn't having any fun trying to stay upright, so call me a *****, but I turned around to try again another time. Anyone want to join me?
    So I stayed at the Prudoe Bay Motel in sunny downtown Deadhorse where one can find a 24/7 buffet and a cable tv around every corner. Oilfield workers are treated pretty well.
    So I decided to feast on foods I normally wouldn't, and drown my sorrows in cup after cup of bad coffee. The cable tv was a plus since I only get one channel at home, and it's ironic that I have to fly 800 miles to the frozen coast to watch old Bewitched reruns.
    And for anyone venturing that way, don't forget to visit the northern most mini-mall in the world at the Prudoe Bay General Store and post office!
    As for the road it's awsome and I can't wait to go back. Anyone game?
    Thanks for letting me rant, Pat

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    Rutted glare ice sounds really nasty… Glad you didn’t get hurt? Yeah, it had all the makings of a cool story - I was really hoping it would turn out to be unbelievably fun ride for you though… Hopefully next time it will be great fun.

    And at least you got to experience Deadhorse! Every year when I drive up to the Brooks Range to shoot photos I tell myself that I’m not going to bother going all the way to Deadhorse, and every year I end up going all the way anyway. It’s a habit I can’t break… I always think the longer I haven’t had coffee, the better it’s going to taste – it never tastes good though… And the general store - it’s the only place in the world where I’ve found bread, chips and blow-up dolls on the same isle in a store…

    It sounds like you got far enough out on the road to be surrounded by the flat coastal-plain horizon all around you - that is a sweet experience… I can’t even imagine how great it would be on a bike…

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