Crusty Bits #1; Results-
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    Good job! Crusty Bits #1; Results

    The limited summer Crusty Bits Series was launched Saturday with a 3.1 mile loop that featured swooping ultra-fast turns and a mogul filled downhill will a 90 degree left hand turn at its base. ( check out # 300 at Mura's thread ) . The riders were greeted with a pastel blue sky and temps in the low 30's and by the end of the ride the temps were in the mid 20's.
    The following results are in Average MPH, Please remember that these events are for fun and some riders are rookies at this sort of gig and may be doing this for the first time. These riders have found another way to elevate there fitness and fun factors while the seasoned riders just confirmed the reasons why they ride !

    After the ride, the soon to be an Alaska mt. bike shrine, the Fabulous Frigid Bits Burn Barrel shared its cherry red hawtness with the riders and guests alike. Under the glow of a full moon, Grill Meister attired in his Hawaiian shirt, fired up Grillzilla and threw down several batches of very yummy grilled nachos that when combined with some of his yet to be famous killer salsa, provided the perfect snack for a cold beer to chase ! Grillzilla with the backing of the Grill Meister cranked out pounds of delicious tubular steaks, brats, hot links and the such !

    Once again thanks to all the riders, Maura, Grill Meister and Thirstywork for the encouragement and for making this possible !

    I get many question about "when is the next one" well, with the busy summer schedule at our door step, I can say that we will have a limited schedule that will have 3 rides on the Kenai Peninsula, there will be the Soggy Bottom 100, a 2 day stage ride and camp out ( ride Friday eve and a long ride Saturday that will end at Hope with a camp out and huge party) ! The third event is still being designed!
    Please look to this forum for info very soon, I need to verify dates and when that is accomplished, I'll post them on the Alaska Forum !

    3 laps - 9.3 miles
    Average Miles Per Hour
    Tim W.- 10.3 mph. Debbie 9.3 mph, Curt 7.6 mph

    5 laps - 15.5 miles
    Average Miles per Hour
    Thirsty work 13.7 mph, Joe P. 13.45 mph, Phil 12.59 mph, Nick 11.82 mph, Grill Meister 10.95 mph, S.A.M. 9.58 mph, Endo Rando averaged 11.19 mph for 3 laps but had to retire for a cold beer to sooth a knee.

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    Crusty Glacier Bits?

    Hey Rio- Thanks for another great evening. It was so much fun that on our ride today, Joe, the GrillMeister and I decided we should extend the winter series by helicoptering onto Eagle Glacier (with the grill and burn barrel, of course) for a marathon event. Any takers?
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    I too had a great evening! The trail conditions were great, and the post race festivities couldn't be beat. And thanks to the Grillmeister.....who'd have thought...nachos! Pictures were awesome, but made me look slow....wait I was slow. The only one who looked to be in action was thirstywork....guess that's why he won! I'm up for a glacier ride. Do we need to be roped together? Thanks to all that made it happen!

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