• 06-06-2008
    Crevasse Moraine In Great Shape
    Rode Crevasse Moraine today - all dry, great shape, killer trails. As usual I have no clue where I rode (went with a local person) other than having gone by the remains of the Machetanz (sp?) cabin, but most of it was single track and spectacular. LOTSA BUGS though . . .
  • 06-09-2008
    I was out there 4-5 days ago. It is in great shape! Watch out for the horses, though...
  • 06-09-2008
    The bugs are horrific. Slather in DEET and don't stop. They're not bad at all once you get to the UAF fields.
  • 06-10-2008
    Yes, the fields are your friend. Hide in the grass, the bugs can't find you there. Pretty relaxing too.