Chugach NF Trail Conditions-
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    Chugach NF Trail Conditions

    Anyone ridden Johnson Pass North or Crescent Creek lately? I'm mostly wondering about the brush rather than the tread conditions.

    In the last month, I've ridden Devil's to Fox Creek and back, Resurrection South to Swan Lake, and Lost Lake trails.

    Devil's and Resurrection South had long sections of dense alders which are probably to be expected on Johnson's and Crescent but hoping for a recent report. I'm biking with my young daughter this weekend and the alders are challenging for the limited sight distance and bears.


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    I have ridden Devil's in the last month. IME, if you didn't like Devil's, you really ain't going to like russian (my capital r is not working for some reason) or Johnson. They are usually the worst for being overgrown. I've ridden them in late fall when everything is frozen and fallen, but while that is kind of starting, it takes a while for it to really happen on those trails. More like late October or November if it hasn't snowed much yet. Just a bit of snow pushes it all down. res south has a few bad sections of Alders, especially in between Juneau Lake and Swan Lake climb and that Swan Lake climb is overgrown grass that hides the pedal-catchers. I did Summit Creek a few weeks back and I liked climbing up from Devil's because it's fairly short to the alpine where there are no more alders. The alders are pretty bad though. The biggest concern for me was the Cow Parsnip, since you can get the severe chemical burns on a sunny day. The Cow Parsnip does seem to be getting a little better in places recently. Did Winner Creek to Berry Pass two weeks ago (no, don't recommend that for kids) and noticed this.

    res North from Hope is pretty wide, maybe a better option.

    There is an Alaskan MTB page on facebook where you can inquire about recent ride reports. I know someone did russian a few weeks ago and said it was only marginally better, still very overgrown. That's in line with what I'd expect. Lost Lake gets a lot of traffic and usually remains pretty decent due to this, the first half mile or so out of Seward is pretty rough, but after that it smooths out for a steady climb up.
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    Chugach NF Trail Conditions

    Jayem, thanks for your reply. We ended up riding Devil's to Res Pass and back. Pulled my 22 month old daughter in her single-wheeled suspended trailer (Tout Terrain Singletrailer). I'm hoping to show her all the classics in Chugach NF before the end of the season. I even have her saying "hey bear" between each of my bellows! She loves her days on the trail.

    Rode everything pulling the 60-pound trailer without walking except for one steep climb following a creek crossing in each direction.

    We saw 18 other cyclists on Saturday the 5th, including four e-bikes on Devil's! Two weekends prior, we saw three e-bikes on Lost Lake. I spoke with Seward Ranger District and it sounds like they have plans to step up enforcement on all of the Chugach NF trails.

    Happy fall riding season!

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