I realize that the Fireweed is not a MTB event, but some of the people on this forum might be participating.

So, I am signed up for the 200solo (without a support vehicle) and need to:
A. Get to the start line (Sheep Mt Lodge) from Anchorage
B. Get back to Anchorage (or Sheep Mt, if Inquiry 1 is answered) from the finish (Valdez).

I am inquiring about:
1. If anyone has space to throw in one more road bike in their car, some (minimal) camping gear and one lightweight cyclist; for Option B (critical) and/or Option A (optional)
2. (if inquiry 1 is not answered) If anyone (just one) wants to carpool with me and bring: one bike and minimal camping gear. I have a hybrid (Prius) that comfortably fits two bikes, two people (including the driver) and camping gear. This however gets both of us to Valdez without a ride back and thus brings us back to square one (or rather Option B)

If you figure out the circular logic and have the means to offer rides for Option B and/or A, please let me know.
Best regards,