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    Idea! BLM trails meeting..........

    Thanks to all who showed up for this meeting. This was to my knowledge the first large group of mtbr's to gather in the Anchorage area for a trail meeting. I do believe we got everyone's attention last night. Now we need to put our collective brain power together and go on from here. To continue to have our needs/wants heard we need to be organized. How, do we accomplish this? Do we go through ABC or do we maybe form a new group?
    Let's start thinking this through and get ideas on the table. The backing of larger groups such as ABC, Wombats etc would certianly help. Your ideas are needed.....please!

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    Good points Dave. That was the first meeting I have attended. I have already marked off the next few first Monday's on my calendar. I think what was apparent from the meeting was that we MTBers have been content to piggyback on the efforts of other user groups. Now that one of those groups has taken steps inconsistent with our needs we are upset. Well, I guess we need our own advocates. It was clear to me that users without advocates are going to get left behind. I think this is too bad, because the parks should be for everyone, but the reality is that with increasing demands on our wild places the parks are for those who have advocates and focused agendas.

    I am not convinced that either the wombats or the ABC are the appropriate organizations for us. Wombats is a national group not local. Also both groups are primarily social organizations. What we need is a political group that is focused specifically on trails in Anchorage and nothing else. No rides, or races, just a think tank of sorts that can receive input from the MTB community, communicate that input to other user groups, the BLM, the MOA and the State if needed, and attend meetings on behalf of us all. I have had limited contact with the ABC but it may be appropriate to form a political action group as a branch of the ABC, if not then a new organization may be needed. My point is I think that what is needed is far different from the present incarnations of the Wombats and the ABC, nor do I think either group should be devoted to this issue since the both serve important functions within our community as they stand.


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    This is an interesting idea! Perhaps we could form such a mt. bike coalition: identify one or two representives from each of the groups that are currently organized, i.e. ABC's mt. bike racing division, the mt. bike touring division and Wombats, plus ask for representatives of different "types" of mt. bikers (single track riders, double track afficionados, free riders, recreational cross-country riders, snow bikers, etc.) That way all types of riders have a voice and we can present a consensus of "our" user group.

    Such a coalition could come up with a statement of what we see as appropriate uses for each trail. The statement could be broadcast for comments from readers of this forum and the ABC's email distribution. We could then present a final draft to the BLM, the Muni, the Ski Club and the "Friends of Campbell Tract."

    The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

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    Good job! This is what I hoped for with my original post......

    Ideas coming from others so that we can somehow forge ahead to a set of acceptable solutions to trail maint and also new trails. I can see how a coalition might be a start. I agree that ALL mtn bikers who use these trails summer and winter no matter how they classify themselves, might want to be involved. I guess what I'm not sure about is how to proceed from here.

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