• 11-03-2008
    Black bear(s) still out in Far North/Campbell Tract
    In my inbox @ work this AM, from our safety person:

    "This morning I received a call from a concerned BLM trail user regarding a very aggressive bear encounter. On Saturday afternoon (Nov. 1, mid day), while walking her dog, a lady was actively pursued by a black bear. This bear was basically hunting her for approximately 10-15 minutes. She tried all the standard practices (standing her ground, looking big, yelling etc) to try and deter the bear, but this bear was not giving up and continued to threaten and pursue her. In desperation, she ended up simply running for her safety (Generally not a good idea).

    She did not have her pepper spay as she assumed that the bears were hibernating.

    Signs are being posted around BLM trail head informing users that bears are still present in the area and that all users should be carrying pepper spray."
  • 11-03-2008
    This isn't good. Go to sleep bears!
  • 11-24-2008
    Glen Campbell
    In Washington (Seattle) the only thing we have to watch out for in the woods in perverts and gang bangers.