• 09-28-2008
    Biking on Peter's Creek Trail?
    Does anyone know if the Peter's Creek Trail is open to mountain biking? Would it be bikeable?
    I'm looking for new backcountry trails not too far from Anchorage, I can bike right now but not hike on my knee. I've done Bird Creek and Winner Pass, Eklutna.

  • 09-28-2008
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    AKA Ptarmigan Valley Trail
    Yes rideable - but can be very muddy in spots - this is an old jeep road I think - it is pretty wide as snomachine's use it in the winter. About 8 miles and 2300 feet according to 50 Hikes in Alaska's CSP shepherd and wozniak.

    Really fun turning around and going down hill - watch for horses and hikers. This is a pretty awesome ski traverse too from Baldy side -

    Here's a loop I did last year with some hike-a-bike and Ptarmigan valley trail as the centerpiece. The trail starts by the blue loop at the top of the page and continues clockwise to where the trail turns yellow.

    Since have had feedback that bikes aren't allowed beyond the trail. (even if you are carrying them) :nono: Won't do it again.