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    Bikepacking Resurrection River Trail

    Hey folks, I'm trying to string together a couple of days bikepacking over the 4th weekend. I'm looking at heading from Devil's Pass into resurrection pass, across to Russian lakes then up and over into the Exit Glacier valley with the Resurrection River trail. I've hiked or ridden most of it already but I have no idea what the last leg on the Resurrection River Trail is like and the descriptions are limited. Just curious if anyone had done it or could offer advice?

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    I've heard from reputable sources that it's quite the sufferfest. Bugs, down trees, fast water river crossings (not bridged, or bridges out) and beary. I'm dying to do it, but need a larger time commitment (for all the unknowns) than I can afford.

    2013 report, but here you go...

    Resurrection river trail
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    The south end of the resurrection pass trail is closed last I heard. There is a wildfire. Perhaps it would be open by the 4th.

    As for going over to Exit glacier I've heard that is a pretty primitive trail. Sounds like a good, fun type II trip.

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    ...a friend and I did...or should I say "tried" to do...the RRiver from CLanding to EGlacier a few...ok, nearly 10 years, all the account above ("Bugs, down trees, fast water river crossings (not bridged, or bridges out) and beary") completely and accurately describes the trail we encountered...including my closest encounter with a brown bear in my entire 42.4 years of existence in Alaska.

    We ended-up at Martin Creek, camped in the bridge on the gravel bar where it had washed out, using the bridge as a primitive bear cage...think "Shark cage" made sense to us then...Long story short, we finished the trip in a Trooper helicopter because we couldn't cross Martin Creek and, because of blown-out shoes, could not return the 30-ish miles to the Northern trail-head...

    Do may end up with some really cool stories like we did...but definitely bring bear least one for everybody in your group...*edit* and a packraft...
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    Just to top it off Seward is a junk show on the 4th. You may be sitting in some bad traffic after you finish you ride.
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