Anne Schlapia at the muni is looking for photos to make a poster for Bike-to-Work Day:

"The photo requires biker(s) that can be perceived as commuting. It should have an Anchorage setting or a recognizable Anchorage landmark in the background (spring/summer season, as Bike to Work). The quality must allow enlargement to 12 x 15. We need permission to use the photo so the rider must be known and willing.

"Wed like to pull the poster together by next Wednesday to allow for printing and distribution."

If those of you who commute with cameras have anything you'd like to contribute, you can reach Anne at the following e-mail and snail-mail addresses:

Anne Schlapia
Environmental Services
Municipal Department of Health and Human Services
PO Box 196650
Anchorage, AK 99519-6650
[email protected]
343-4715 fax 343-4786