Hey Alaska riders. I just wanted to post an advertisement of sorts but only as information. I was pointed in the direction of the British Columbia Bike Race a couple years ago and signed up for the race a year ago this month. A buddy and I did the race in July, and the event exceeded our expectations in every aspect. Neither of us are racers, but we do like to travel to new places and check out new trails. This race was a real cool way to link gobs of British Columbia singletrack into 7 days of riding with all of the logistics taken care of. Wake up, have a great breakfast, ride the course, enjoy the rest of the day, have dinner, meet a ton of riders from around the world from professional racers to dudes like us. It wasn't cheap at about $2700 but if you were to link together a trip like this for yourself, you wouldn't save much. Ferries, shuttles, food, lodging (tents), riding food, bike fix stations, aid stations, etc. Everything was taken care of. It was a challenging 7 days as each day flirts in the 35-45 mile distance, but the riding was never bad. Even on days I was whipped, it was a bummer finally getting to the finish line. Take a look at their website

BC Bike Race || a Seven Day Mountain Bike Stage Race from Vancouver to Whistler, BC, Canada

Let me know if you have any questions.