The course is set, and the route is marked!

Curious about all this randonneuring/PBP/brevet stuff? Want to get a little taste of what it's all about?

Come join us this Sunday, June 13th, 7AM at the Great Harvest Bakery for the start of the 2nd annual Bread & Water 100K populaire. It's just like a brevet, but half as long!

The course is a beautiful, and exciting loop around Anchorage; guaranteed to introduce you to some new roads, trails, and new people.

As they say, randonneuring is a big tent, and all kinds of riders fit under it. If you've got anything with wheels (or a wheel), come ride with us!

All the details are HERE.
Photos from 2009 are HERE.

See you at the start!

Kevin Turinsky
RUSA RBA - Alaska
Facebook & Twitter (AKRando) too