• 09-05-2008
    Alyeska Blueberry Pancake Saturday the 6th???
    Has anybody done the new trail at Mt. Alyeska, Blueberry Pancake yet? I had so much funn... You can hike-n-bike like some of us did, or you can climb up on your bike. We are looking to see if we can get a group together for a ride this Saturday the 6th??? Rain or shine... Anyone out there game??? We are thinkin' 10am ish or???
    You don't need a freeride or downhill bike. I was ridin' my Prophet 2. You can use a XC; All-Mountain, etc... A couple people were riding there HT's... The trail isn't extreme with huge drops, etc... You can make it into drops if you want or you can just ride down them...
    You can PM me here, or hit me up on myspace.com/brian_404 and I'll give you my cell phone number...

    Warn and the Alyeska crew out did themselves on this one...

  • 09-06-2008
    What an AWESOME day at Mt. Alyeska... A sow and three??? clubs were up there not too far from Blueberry...
    Ryan's doing fine after his little crash... Going that fast DH. I told him that he needed to take his bike out of XC mold....
    I can't wait for the next ride... Sunday??? LOL!!!

    Here's a clip of our last run. I shows a little bit of Ryans crash. Brought to you by walkuptoridedown (akspokes) ENJOY!!!
    I need to get a GoPro helmet cam. walkuptoridedown wasn't in the video...


    Blueberry Pancake trail, with TJ KICKIN' A$$!!!

  • 09-11-2008
    Looks nice, about time they start developing that place proper.
  • 09-12-2008
    whats the word for this weekend?
  • 09-13-2008
    Hey nojoke. Looks like we are just going to be chillin' in town this weekend. Sunday, maybe Hilltop... Next weekend sounds like another ALY run.
    I just picked me up another 2004 Specialized Bighit Comp ALL stock (right down to the tires) from my buddy... I finally got to see it today. I was STOKED... I changed out the rear coil to a 600lb tonight... :D
    I'll keep you posted...