Alaska living questions-
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    Alaska living questions

    ok, so i just got a bit of interest in moving to anchorage for the bike season. some questions i have regarding what appears to be the absurd cost of living there.

    1. how the hell do you people afford to live there? it's more expensive than long island!!!

    2. what do most people do for a living. not jobs, more like full time employment, seasonal, part time, 2 jobs, supplemental income. those types of things.

    3. how the hell do you fill the days when they last past 10pm?

    4. seriously, is it a problem if i were to ride with my dog, who admittedly does like to range hundreds of yards, given the abundance of predatory wildlife. specifically wolves come to mind.

    5. lastly, what the hell do you do when charged by a moose?!?!


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    My mortgage is 800 a month. Cheaper than rent probably anywhere. I have summers off, so I ride all day. Sometimes I'll come home and have a real lunch and then go ride somewhere else. Come home for dinner, and then go ride so I can watch the sun almost set at 2 in the morning. Climbing is cool too. Your dog will probably be fine since a lot of people have dogs that do that. However, if it chases a moose you are an a-hole for harassing wildlife. moose don't charge anyone. Rarely. It would be really weird if that happened. More people were chewed by brown bears last year I'm sure. I guess moose charges aren't reported often though. So, from experience I'd worry more about a bear. That being said, you don't need to worry about bears either if you make noise, ride in the day, ride with people, take pepper spray, don't ride next to salmon streams in the dark alone. Or run next to them. I have two dogs and walk them behind my house where there is an endless expanse of wilderness. We have seen wolves a few times the last few years. Again, a weird thing if they eat your dog. Not impossible though. Oh, if a moose charges you, move. Maybe behind a tree. Or run, just don't run in a straight line. They are faster than you that way. Good luck. I'd like to see a write up about your first summer up here.
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