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    AK folk - need some convincing!

    Seems that my GF and I found ourselves with two free tickets to anywhere USA. We were thinking of going as far from Michgan as possible. I suggested Alaska, she pondered Hawaii.....both are interesting MTB destinations. But, sitting on a hot beach surrounded by squawking touristas for a week just seems dreadful to me.....

    I'm trying to convince her that the mtb'ing will be great in AK in the summer, she counters that it's summer in Hawaii all the time and they have mtb trails there too...

    I need some ammo! Any suggestions as to when best to hit AK for primo "warm" bike season, and where to go/stay would be greatly appreciated.

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    late july, early august. Anchorage and south on the kenai will be the most accessible good singletrackYou may have been hoping for more info than that. try doing advanced searches in the ak forum for lost lake, russian lake, ressurection, sta, devils pass, johnson pass. also try the same over on http://www.akspokes.com

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    Good job!

    I can tell you from being in and riding in both AK and HI, AK has a lot more trails and 1/10 of the traffic and headache of HI (Honolulu is like a smaller version of L.A.). There are also a lot of things to do in AK, white water rafting, hiking trails galore, Salmon fishing, whale watching and wild life of all kinds and so on, and some really nice restaurants and hotels in Anchorage. Where else but Alaska can you get Reindeer sausage for breakfast in almost any restaurant?

    The best time of year to ride up here in AK would be late July through September. Alaska has some incredible trails to ride, and most are within 3 or 4 hours of Anchorage with a couple right here in town. Here are a few starting in and around Anchorage a long with hotels all over Alaska:

    The STA single track trails

    Far North Bicentennial Park- Hillside Mountain Bike Trail http://www.singletracks.com/bike-tra...-hillside.html
    These first two trails can be accessed from the same parking lot by Hilltop Ski area.

    Kincaid Park Mountain Bike Trail

    Anchorage Hotels:
    Marriott Hotels & Resorts: Anchorage Downtown Marriott marriott.com - (907) 279-8000
    Hotel Captain Cook www.captaincook.com - (907) 276-6000
    Sheraton Anchorage Hotel www.sheratonanchoragehotel.com - (907) 276-8700
    Dimond Center Hotel‎ 700 E Dimond Blvd, Anchorage, AK‎ - (907) 770-5000‎

    Kepler-bradley Lakes State Park Mountain Bike Trail in Wasilla AK http://www.singletracks.com/bike-tra...tate-park.html

    Mooseberry Mesa Mountain Bike Trail Wasilla, Alaska http://www.singletracks.com/bike-tra...erry-mesa.html

    Wasilla/Palmer Hotels:
    Best Western Lake Lucille Inn‎ 1300 Lake Lucille Dr, Wasilla, AK‎ - (907) 373-1776
    Grandview Inn & Suites‎ 2900 George Parks Hwy, Wasilla, AK‎ - (907) 352-1700‎

    Blueberry Pancake Mountain Bike Trail Girdwood, Alaska http://www.singletracks.com/bike-tra...-bluecake.html

    Girdwood Hotels:
    Hotel Alyeska‎ Arlberg Ave, Girdwood, AK‎ - (907) 754-2237‎

    Johnson Pass in Hope, Alaska

    Resurrection Pass Mountain Bike Trail Cooper Landing / Hope, Alaska http://www.singletracks.com/bike-tra...tion-pass.html

    Crescent Lake Mountain Bike Trail Coopers Landing, Alaska http://www.singletracks.com/bike-tra...cent-lake.html

    Hope/Coopers Landing Hotels:
    Kenai River Drifters Lodge‎18404 Sterling Hwy, Cooper Landing, AK‎ - (907) 595-5555‎
    Gwin's Lodge & Restaurant-Bar‎ 14865 Sterling Hwy, Cooper Landing, AK‎ - (907) 595-1266‎
    Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge‎ 17245 Frontier Cir, Cooper Landing, AK‎ - (907) 595-1425‎

    Lost Lake Mountain Bike Trail Seward, Alaska

    Seward Hotels:
    Best Western Edgewater Hotel‎ 202 5th Ave, Seward, AK‎ - (907) 224-2700‎
    Van Gilder Hotel‎ 308 Adams St, Seward, AK‎ - (907) 224-3079‎
    Hotel Seward‎ 221 5th Ave, Seward, AK‎ - (907) 224-8001‎
    Holiday Inn Express Seward Harbor Hotel‎ 1412 4th Ave, Seward, AK‎ - (877) 863-4780‎

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    I have not heard pleasant things about biking in Hawaii. We are going in November and aren't even taking the bikes (yes, that's how lame it sounded).

    I'm not sure I would consider AK a biking destination. If you want to do some really amazing riding, and you can do it outside the really hot months, for Dog's sake go to Utah.
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    Ride AK

    I have ridden on Kauai, Maui, and Oahu, and none of it worth going back for. The beach scene is definitely nice in the middle of our winter. I wouldn't go there for a mtn. bike vacation. Haleakala volcano in Oahu was a fun shuttle ride, but done in a few hours and not worth a trip back up. Rode the popular trails in Kauai and other than the views, it was boring. Book your trip to AK. Go to Hawaii when you are too old to ride.
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    Joker I have lived in Ca, AK, TX, AZ, and Wash DC.

    AK is by far my favorite place to live but far from my favorite place to ride. I would go to CA, Bend Oregon, or Washington State. A really cool biking trip might be to fly to Seattle or Bellingham and then go ride in BC, & Whistler XC trails. Or go to Spokane and ride up in Nelson, BC. Boise Idaho and Montana are other good summer destinations. For Winter Hit up AZ or UT.
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    Definitely food for thought, guys! And true, it's hard to beat UT for riding and the desert there is just plain weird. Still, having never been to AK, I still think it would be interesting to see. But, as cliche' as it sounds, I'd love to freewheel down the big volcano in Hawaii.....

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    Shameless Plug

    Maui is awesome for road riding, some of the best climbing and descending on the Pacific Rim. Haleakala is a 10,000' climb in 35 miles. If you're into century riding, there are two century loops, one with 6,000' of climbing and the other with about 10,000'.

    If you go, don't stay on the beach! Stay Upcountry where it is a tad bit cooler, the air is dryer and you can hear your heart beat because it's so quiet. I hear this is a lovely place to stay: www.starlookout.com (that's the shameless plug part)!

    BUT if you must come to Alaska and I would highly recommend it, come up in July and do our Kenai Peninsula epic rides!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDH

    The best time of year to ride up here in AK would be late July through September. Alaska has some incredible trails to ride, and most are within 3 or 4 hours of Anchorage with a couple right here in town. Here are a few starting in and around Anchorage a long with hotels all over Alaska:
    I don't know about late July through September. Things get pretty overgrown by late July and then August can be pretty rainy. Things seem to dry out towards September again. Late June through July seems to be the perfect window.

    I also wouldn't make AK your MTB destination. Yes, there are some gems up here, and AK is a world class adventure destination, but don't come here just for the riding.

    Was this going to be a summer trip? If you can take a trip in the winter head to Hawaii when it is cold everywhere else.
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    Good info here. I need to subscribe.
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