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    700c studded Nokian

    Who here has any time on the studded Nokian road tires? Thoughts and opinions?

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    I have a pair of the W240's they are the 700c x 40's I think - good tread, lots of studs.

    They are sweet if you have a cross bike for commuting, and actually do quite well on snowpacked bike trails. But cornering on glare ice isnt nearly as convincing as with the wider mountain nokians.

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    Hakkapeliitta W106 700C x 35

    I've been using the W106 (106 studs) 700x35 for a couple of years on a Kona Dew Deluxe comuting bike rebuilt to a single speed and full fenders added. They are excellent tires for the fall/early transition period when leaves and stuff impair commuting speeds but there is not enough snow to switch to a MTB. The Kona has disc brakes so you really test the tires. On the other side they are really heavy compared to a quality touring tire of the same size and the studs make quite a bit noise on payment. Combined with full fenders the bike/rider stay pretty clean and have a raised level of confidence when riding wet trails totally covered with leaves.

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    W-106's here

    I'm pretty much with the other guy on these. The trick with them is to choose you lines carefully and be aware where and how your studs are hitting hope that helps

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    Nokian Studs

    I've been riding on the same pair of 296's now starting on my seventh season. They are slightly worn but are still plenty functional, that's with riding to work almost everyday throughout each winter. I haven't tested any others, but I can attest that the Nokians are awesome.

    One secret to cornering on slick stuff is to get as much of your weight over the front wheel with your foot hangin out next to the front wheel on the side you are turning to. The more weight over the front, the better. Just visualize humping the stem and bar. It takes some practice to build your confidence, but you'll be amazed at what you can do once you get used to it. The best place to test it is either on some smooth even ice or hard packed snow on the street or maybe a lake. Don't do the lake thing yet, too thin.
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