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    2014 Hollow Weener

    2014 Frigid Bits Hollow Weener Scavenger Hunt and Soiree.
    Well, the infamous Hollow Weener over the past 5 years or so has had its ups and downs and was at times, harder than heck to even comprehend, let alone remember what was going on! Sometimes this is good for the maintenance of relationships and to avoid costly psychiatry to rid oneself of disturbing memories. Sort of like a Frigid Bits Hollow Weener PTSD phenom.
    Perhaps, the 2014 Hollow Weener will be the biggest and hardest one yet!
    Anyway, the same rules apply as last year: No children, after all this is an adult only gathering. Adults with sensitive feelings and soft egos should perhaps go play bingo or watch a puddle freeze. Cameras will be allowed, so be warned your actions may be a YouTube sensation!
    The location of the gathering will be at the same 2013 site. Donít know where that is you say? Well, then ask around to find some beer swilling cyclist who attended the 2013 or 2012 slurp fest , and I will defer to them to determine if you are worthy and or courageous enough to attend this mind searing club. All past survivors are encouraged to attend and the scavenger hunt is optional for those who would want socialize/ drink or both than ride.
    There will be a scavenger hunt, and it is best to have a partner or a large or small group to go on the hunt, just sayin. Oh, did I mention itís a very good idea to have a way to lock up your pile of bikes!
    Each group will be given a list of challenging nouns to find and photograph with a smart phone so the finds are documented. The wining team may win some below average or extra ordinary prize such as the quart jar of toe nail trimmings I purchased at an estate sale at a Wyoming ranch!
    Here are some important things about the 2014 Hollow Weener:
    Theme: Ugly Sweaters and Underwearness
    Date: October 25th
    Time: 8PM
    Place: Figure it out
    Bring your preferred liquid refreshment to share with others along with an arm full of wood for the much heralded, almost world famous bicycle icon, the one and only Fabulous Frigid Bits Burn Barrel!
    Yes, food is always welcomed!
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