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    1st Brevet This Saturday - Mat Valley 200K

    Randonneuring season begins this Saturday.

    Welcome to the start of another great season of randonneuring: Challenging courses, beautiful and interesting routes, great friends and riding partners.

    Looking for a nice, long ride to loosen those legs up? Come join us in Palmer next Saturday for the start of MatSu 200K. The Mat Valley 200K is one big loop of the Valley. This ride will take you through the centers of high culture and refinement in Palmer, Sutton, Hatcher, Wasilla, Houston, and Big Lake.

    Registration: 7:00AM - 7:45AM
    Start: 8AM
    Location: Vagabond Blues - 925 S Alaska Way
    Cue sheets and control card available at the start.
    Details: http://www.alaskarandonneurs.org/node/240
    Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/2872063...7623958415257/

    This is the first ride of the season. It's a big loop of the Valley, and a great opportunity to work on getting your bikes, clothes, food, etc. all dialed in for the longer rides to come. Be sure to do this ride so you're all prepared and know what to expect for the 5/14 third-annual Homer "End-of-the-Road" 200K brevet. (Homer photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/2872063...7624036772614/)

    Take a look at our full schedule of rides for this summer:

    Don't forget that 5/21 is Alaska's first team-randonneuring 24-hour event, the Alaska Flèche. Form a team of 3-5 riders, create any course that's a minimum of 360k (one-way, loop, out-n-back, etc.), and submit it by May 15th.
    Here are links to the Flèche rules. Don't be intimidated by all the rules. It's about as simple as forming your team, picking your course, sending us your map and course details, and riding. There are a few important details, so do a quick read:

    If you don't have enough riders for your own team, contact us. There are already teams looking for additional riders.

    Looking forward to seeing you Saturday morning at Vagabond Blues!

    Finally, are interested in doing an 8-hour overnight stint as a volunteer for the Big Wild Ride in August? We have specific times and places on both the Richardson and the Parks highways that we can put you on the course to help out riders.
    Currently we have 35 riders coming from the U.K., Japan, Belgium, Australia, Italy, Canada, and all across the U.S. We have capacity for up to 40 riders.

    Kevin Turinsky
    RUSA RBA - Alaska
    "Come Ride with Us!"

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    So like you guys ride your bikes on pavement right?

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    Most of the time we ride on pavement. Saturday's 200K has a nice gravel section that's over a mile long. It actually might be closer to two miles.

    We also have a 200K and a 300K dirt course along the Denali Park road. Both of those rides are out-and-back. We also have a 200K and 300K course on the Denali Highway. The 300K has a few miles of pavement though. People usually ride mtbs or 'cross bikes.

    Our Anchorage 100K poplulaire hits the dirt nordic trails in Far North Bicentennial Park up by Hill Top.

    Come ride w/ us this Saturday! Bring your friends!

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    Mat Valley 200K Results & Photos

    The season kickoff went well. Vagabond Blues is a terrific place to launch a ride! They even made special treats for us!

    Results: http://www.alaskarandonneurs.org/node/281
    Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/2872063...7626511104285/

    Join us on 5/14 for the 3rd annual Homer "End-of-the-Road" 200K brevet!
    5/21 is Alaska's first-ever team randonneuring event - the Frozen Flèche (pronounced: "flesh"). It's guarenteed to be the start of a new tradition. If you're interested in forming your own team (3-5 riders), or you want to join a team, contact me directly, or through our Facebook page. There are several spots open. You're going to love this event! They're very popular Outside and in Europe and Japan.

    If you want to get some distance miles in this weekend, Tom Parker is riding the Anchorage/Seward 200K permanent. He's looking for riders to go along. It's a beautiful ride, and a chance to get in some great early-season miles. Again, contact me, or the AK Randonneurs Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=207155379315308

    Remember, the Big Wild Ride is this August 21-25. We need volunteers to overnight in Salcha and Nenana. There are lots of other things for you to help us out with too. Contact us if you want to get involved.

    Come ride with us!!


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