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    Wheels question

    Hi guys,

    I hope everyone is having a great day. I recently decided to get into the world of mountain biking. I have decided to start looking at Airborne over the other brands due to everyone's amazing reviews.

    My questions is in regards to the wheels. I am a big guy (6'4" - 290lbs) and I have been hearing that the wheels will be the biggest problems when riding (bending, etc.). Will Airborne's wheels hold up with me on them?

    I have tried looking around but I cannot seem to find the answer. Also, I am looking at either the guardian, seeker or goblin. it would mostly be for XC rides (if I understand the style of ride correctly )

    Thanks in advance,

    P.S. Feel free to ask any questions that will help...Im sure I have left something out.

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    Re: Wheels question

    Well any stock wheels on xc bikes arent going to take a clyde as well as a 175lb rider but as i have found (being I was 360 when i started riding and at 270ish now little over year later). How a wheel holds up is more on your riding technique and skill. Until little over a week ago I had never really bent a wheel, maneuver knocked outta true slightly (to be expected on machine built wheels) but that's it. To been one I pulled a stupid and came off the edge of a small wooden ladder bridge on the side of a hill. Being the sideways force when I hit the ground itself, it bent the wheel beyond repair only because the bend happen to hit the seam just the wrong way and cause some separation. And these are just xc class wheels, Alex dp20s.

    Basically the stock wheels won't tolerate insane technical, jumps, big drops, etc but just xc style single track with normal roots and rocks, small drops as long as you ride somewhat correctly they'll be fine.

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