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    Wheel Truing?

    I've got an X7 Hobgoblin with the stock wheel set WTB SpeedDisc I-19. I've probably put ~150+ miles on them so far. Recently when I was pushing it downhill on some rhythm sections, I was getting some wheel rub in the front on the fork. I'm running a Nevegal 2.2 so nothing crazy wide. It did this a number of times during this session. I went a little easier on it after that, not wanting to taco my front wheel. I'm about 230lbs on a 21" frame. My question is do you think this is something that would be remedied by having my wheels trued? Was I just pushing the wheels too hard? How often are you guys getting your wheels trued? Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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    "How often are you guys getting your wheels trued? Thoughts? "

    As a wheel builder my thoughts are:
    1. Properly built wheels should not have to be re-trued barring having a bad pot hole encounter or such.
    2. A properly built, trued, high & evenly tensioned & stress relieved wheel lasts.
    3. Measure and record the spoke tension of all spokes and you can likely see where your wheels stand as far as being well built.
    4. Low & unevenly tensioned wheels will likely have to be trued regularly.
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    Check to ensure you front QR is really tight. If it isnt, larger riders can excert enough force on the larger lever arm of 29er fork/wheel to move the hub around in the fork dropouts slightly.

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