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    What are Our options for going 1x9 or 1x10 on Airborne bikes?

    I have a guardian and would like to convert my stock crank to a 1x9 setup. I see that most chainguides like MRP or e13 offer iscg or bbmount options.
    Does airborne recommend any specific iscg adapter that will allow us to use these type of chainguides? or would a bb mount work on the guardian?

    any guidance would be appreciated.

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    I did a 1x9 conversion on my Guardian. I did a thread on it and posted pictures somewhere in this forum. I just went cheap with a BBG bashguard, new bolts, and a jumpstop. Also shortened the chain a bit. Works like a charm. You have to keep the BBG adjusted, but it works great. I've only had one chain jump in the last 10 months or so with this setup.

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    On the Guardian, you could use a bb mount Blackspire Stinger as a chain guide/tensioner, or MRP and the like also make top guides in a seat tube mount.
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    I plan on going 1x10 in a kinda ghetto way on my HG, just bumping up the 24 tooth ring to a 30 tooth ring and leaving everything else as is rather than buy a chain guide and stuff... Should have the new gear in the next week or 2 and will let you know how it works out.

    The 38 gets way to hard way to fast, I currently stick to the 24 95% of the time and rarely go past the 24 tooth cog in back.

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    Well I originally ordered an inner bbg bashguard to use as a bashwhich. But once mounted the inner guard rubbed against the frame. so it had to be removed

    So now i am going to go barheets way and try the n-gear jumpstop. It should be here today. I figure try the cheap way first.
    So the setup will be:
    BBG Bashguard outer ,
    Ngear jump stop,
    Shorten chain
    and BIONICON C-Guide

    Hopefully the part comes in today so i can finally enjoy my new reba fork i recently acquired.

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