Thinking about getting an airborne goblin-
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    Thinking about getting an airborne goblin

    I do own a full suspension bike, but I am thinking I do need a second bike. This will have to be a hard tail.

    I am 43 years old and slightly worried about the harsh ride that the aluminum frame will give me.

    So how bad is this ride compared to a steel frame. Do carbon parts make the ride more tolerable?

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    I have a Goblin rides great. All my bikes are medium frame and the 18 inch Goblin fit great. I put carbon bars, stem, seat post on it. Helped a little with the ride. I have not found the ride to overly harsh. I think the 29er size tires help a lot. I also have a steel frame bike, a cross bike, not a mountain bike. But have has 700x45c treads on it and rode it off road a few times on smoother xc trails as it has drop bars on it.

    The steel seems a little smoother. The Goblin seems to accelerate faster. The Goblin seems to climb better as it is stiffer. On longer smooth type trails the steel frame seems to absorb some of the bumps and stuff. On the more rocky type and technical stuff the difference seems very little....rough is rough. For a XC rig the Goblin is pretty much spot on out of the box. Just my option. Not a real fair comparison as my steel frame bike is more a cross oriented bike as the Goblin is a true off road mountain bike.

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    As far as Aluminum frames go, modern hydroformed frames are far, FAR more comfortable than older, straight or even butted tube aluminum frames. It's amazing to feel the difference between my Seeker and my late 90's Trek. Like night and day, even on gravel roads.

    I love steel frames, always have, always will, but one thing that shocked me was the comfort level of the Goblin/Seeker frame.

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