Seeker build questions-
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    Seeker build questions

    I just did a big XC ride on my Dad's old seeker yesterday. 28+ miles of everything - asphalt, dirt roads, smooth singletrack, gnarly downhills, big climbs, mud pits, etc. My ride is a 27.5" Trek Remedy (big squish), but I didn't have it handy, and I'm glad I didn't - a 29er XC hardtail is a cool experience way different than the one I get on my bike. And the seeker was probably better suited to this particular ride I did yesterday. The efficiency on smooth trails and road was mind blowing.

    Still... It was a seeker (no offense to any seeker lovers out there). Heavy, and compared to my trek, underspec'd.

    So - what have people done to make their Seekers (or goblins) more trail and even XC race capable? Though I'm more of a trail rider, I occasionally race, and I see a lot of potential in this bike as a race bike. How light have you been able to get it? And how much did you have to spend to get it there?

    Obvious things to change:

    Wider bars
    Lighter wheels
    Better brakes
    1X drivetrain. GX or NX or something...
    Dropper post

    What would you do first? Where do you get the most bang for your buck? I know a dropper doesn't lighten anything up, but IMO you make that up in added descending/technical capability.

    Other questions - can this frame take an eccentric headset or a longer-travel fork? I'm thinking a 1-2 degree slacker HTA might be nice, but I don't want to damage the frame.

    Apologies if there is already a thread on this. Couldn't find one though.
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    Where to start... For one, a dropper is going to bump up the weight of the bike by up to 1.5 pounds, depending on the brand you get. Totally worth it. This may negate any upgrades you do to lose weight on the bike overall. Dropping the FD/shifter/chainrings and going 1x will decrease weight by about 3/4 lb, but you will sacrifice the low end gearing in doing so. Swapping out the fork from 100mm to 120mm will get you the 1 -2 degrees of HTA you are looking for, but you will not necessarily lose weight since you are adding more material from the longer fork. I upgraded the front fork on my Goblin to a X-Fusion Slide 120mm and the bike feels fantastic, even though I probably added some weight to the bike. Something else to consider if you are going to go with more travel, it will void your frame warranty. Brakes are always a good upgrade, especially since the Avids can be heavy at almost a pound on each brake. Going with Formulas brakes dropped about 250g off the bike, but that may vary depending on the brand you choose. New wheels will help, especially if you are going tubeless, and weights will depend on the brand you get, just like any other components. If I were to guess, you may come out about a pound to two pounds lighter by doing all the above, but it will be at a cost. I ended up spending well over 1K upgrading my Goblin, so it may or may not be worth it to you. I haven't weighed my bike in a long time, so I really cannot say how much it compares to stock weights. I hope all that helps you decide on direction!

    My Goblin upgrades price breakdown:
    Absolute Black 28T Oval - 60
    KS Eten - 120
    OneUp 42T/16T - 100
    X-Fusion Slide RL2 - 350
    Stans Crest Wheelset - 300
    Formula R1 brakeset - 225

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    Check out my Seeker build thread which chronicled my goal to get under 25lb.

    Readers digest version is it started at 29.8lb and after a number of mods I got it down to 24.4lb and did so with minimal investment due to aggressively shopping for deals and selling stock parts.

    The majority of the weight I lost was in wheels, tires, and 1x. I kept the stock Recon fork but that would allow for almost another pound without going super pricey on the fork.
    I really enjoyed my Seeker but couldn't afford to keep 2 bikes. I love my Stumjumper FS that I currently own!

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