So purchased a Plague a few weeks back but with crappy weather haven't been able to take out yet. Finally got around to setting it up and one thing that is bugging me is I can only insert the seat post about 6 inches so a good chunk of the bottom section of the post does not fit. This makes the maximum height maybe an inch or so to high for my max pedal reach. Measuring the frame from the outside it seems more like 7 inches or so before the frame curves. I do see a little piece of metal in there which I think is blocking it. I assume that is suppose to be there but wanted to ask or see if other have this issue. Mine is a medium frame for reference. Guessing I might be looking at replacing with a 75mm post instead of the 100 it came with but I feel being 5ft9 and 31 inseam I guess I was thinking I would be right in the middle for adjustments