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    Scratched Frame

    Hey guys, I have an Airborne Goblin and scratched the frame today. I was trying to put my bike in the bike rack at the grocery store and it wouldn't fit. I accidentally bumped it against a jagged piece of metal and scratched it. The scratch is right next the the second R.How big of a deal is this? Do I need to do anything to prevent the frame from rusting where it was scratched?Here is a picture sorry about the quality, my phones flash turned it yellow for some reason. Scratched Frame-20140213_213358.jpgThanks.

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    That first scratch is always a bummer, whether it be a car or a new bike. You might want to put some kind of clear coat on it (Ie auto touch up, clear model paint or nail polish). And when that is all done, it is time to go and put some mud n' dirt all over it

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    I wouldn't be too concerned. Aluminum doesn't exactly "rust" like ferrous metals, although it does oxidise. Honestly you could ride a bare aluminum frame for years (I have) and not worry very much about compromising the material.

    I would recommend touching it up with nail polish or automotive touch-up paint and then giving the frame a good waxing. You should be good.

    Please Note: I no longer work for Airborne. If you have an Airborne question or problem please contact them directly.

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    Jeremy is right, the aluminum will oxidize and that oxidization will actually protect that part of the frame from further damage, which is why you can ride bare aluminum for a long time (a lot longer than steel) without compromising the actual structure.

    I've got a bunch of scratches down to bare metal on my frame, and they occurred before I got the bike (I got lucky and got a scratch-and-dent Seeker,) despite riding it into the winter, I've had no issues. Its just character anyway

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    It's useless now, you need to throw it away. I pmed you my address so I can properly dispose of it for you

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