New Goblin Brake Advice-
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    New Goblin Brake Advice

    I have a new Goblin and the rear brakes is a noisy beast. I have realigned the rear caliper and there is no rub what so ever. I have cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and even spoke with a LBS tech and he asked me if they were Avid brakes and I said yes and he said that you just have to live with it that is what they do. Is this true or is there anything else I can do to make it quite? I do a lot of climbing which in turn means a lot of downhill and the sound just gets to be to much at times. BTW they work just fine nice power and modulation.

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    Umm..nope..I guess all brakes squeak and moan some under certain circumstances..but I have three sets of Avids and they do not do that..may want to check and see it the rotor is true(slightly warped) mine was...not enough to really effect alignment but it was...easy fix...mine squeaked a bit until properly broken in...

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    It's not necessarily an Avid thing; I love how shops and the interweb love to perpetuate myths. My Hayes and Magura brakes both make noise, while my Avid's do not. They make what folks like to call the "turkey warble" noise.

    I'm pretty certain my Hayes brakes got some contaminate on the pads and I just need to replace them. On the Magura's I glazed the pads and need to try to sand them lightly.

    You might want to have a look at the pads and see if they are discolored or have stuff embedded in them.

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    My brakes were pretty squeaky too...but I treated my rotors with Pv Bikeworks Squeal Out paste. I was very skeptical at first but ordered a small jar anyway just to try. Sure enough, after one application, both brakes are perectly silent now. Its somewhat of a process to apply the stuff properly but so far 6 rides and still no squeakiness. Check out the other reviews for it on this site

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    Heres the link for the reviews

    PV Bikeworks Squeal Out Extras Reviews

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    You could also try Organic vs. Metal pads... I forget which are quieter, but I think its the organic pads. However, they do wear faster.
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