My first dismount today..-
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    My first dismount today..

    Had my first mishap today on my Goblin, just got out on the trail (Iron Hill in Delaware) Not even a minute on the trail, I came upon a hiker and he stepped out of the way, while pedaling past him riding over some deep roots. I started to crank down on the right pedal and then heard a metallic sounding pop. Next thing I know I am going over the handlebars, into the dirt. I recall saying "what the heck " on my way over.

    The hiker was right there asking if I was all right and helping me get untangled from the bike. The bars, ripped my Zoic shorts and hit me in the thigh. ( I have a very nice dark multi colored swollen lump in the mid thigh right now, changing colors by the hour)

    He said, it look like your chain came off, which it did along with the wheel. After I assured him I was ok, he went off. While I inspected the bike.

    I haven't ridden it that much on the trails since I got it last year. I guess this is my 5th time out. Although I do ride it around locally when I can.
    I haven't had the wheel off since I put it together, so I am not sure why or how it came off. At first look, I may have bent a skewer. After a few minutes inspecting it and making sure everything lined up. I shifted through the gears and I may have bent the rotor. I got back on the bike and road it back to the car. It shifted fine and after checking things out again. I decided to continue on with the ride. Road for a hour or so and didn't have any issues that where bike related.

    Plan to go over the bike with a fine tooth comb before my next excursion. I am sure I will be very stiff tomorrow, starting to feel it already. Turned 49 today, and have chronic back issues so something was bound to happen... oh well If you ain't living, your dying.

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    Glad you came out OK on that spill. Things like that happen so fast, you really do not have time to react. Mot such a great Birthday present! It is your 49 year old body trying to tell you you are not as young as you think you are!! Don't pay any attention to the voices in your head. You are only young long it lasts is up to you. I turned 50 three months ago and haven't slowed down yet, well, maybe a little

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    Also, Glad you're OK. I went OTB also recently on Rollercoaster in Alafia.. Was picking ferns out of my helmet for an hour.

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    That stinks! One of the best things I was taught before riding is to go through the critical parts and make sure they are tight. I check quick releases, stem, seat post, and occasionally pedals. Not saying this was your problem but if you didn't check before your ride than more than likely.

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    Let a bike shop do a once over. I would.

    Glad you're OK.

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