Manituo Tower Pro on a Guardian? - handing questions-
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    Manituo Tower Pro on a Guardian? - handing questions

    Lately I've been contemplating getting a Guardian and putting a Manitou Tower Pro fork on it or getting a Seeker for my wife. I have a Tower Pro on my Niner and I love it. And there are some pretty good deals on it right now, so cost is similar to a Seeker. So why not just get a Seeker you ask. Because I hate black bikes. They look so depressing. I want something brighter. So I am looking at the white Gaurdian.

    My question is how would a Guardian handle with the TowerPro fork. From my research the Tower Pro has more offset, which I understand will give it quicker handling. Will this be too much for the Gardian and make it unstable? Or will it just tighten things up nicely?

    My wife is a novice rider but we do enjoy some single tracks that can get a little twisty. There is a usually a fair amount of downhill as well.

    Edit: The Manitou is also lighter than the Recon Gold and we have plans to make the bike a 1x10 with an upgrade to X7 or X9 components so there are other reasons for looking at the Guardian with a Tower Pro fork. I just want to get an idea of how this will handle compared to a RockShock offset.
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