Love at first sight (Goblin)-
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    Love at first sight (Goblin)

    A couple days back I, after weeks of research, I ordered a Goblin and Guardian. Recently a noob to MTB, and just beginning to get into it, I was on a single track with my 12 year old Mongoose (almost 40lbs and bought off the internet for 80.00) and a passer by stopped.....looked at my bike....looked at me and said "your going to ride this trail on that bike" (actually I could not argue with his statement but you need to start somewhere). So in my search, the name Airborne was mention on this website and after a quick Google, there it was (like a light came down from heaven), I looked at the components and was shocked at the price, I was sold.

    Why the Guardian too? It is for a lady friend, and I wanted to get the best quality bike for the price, so this is a win win. So looks like I'm in the Airborne club and thanks for all the posts / information, I'm happy to support this company.

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    That is very similar to the way I arrived. I had an old Schwinn dept store bike from college with a rear wheel bent beyond any hope. I started riding around some neighborhood trails but I was scared to get more than a mile from the house because I knew that back wheel was about to explode. Obviously the bike was not worth fixing so I started shopping. I started out looking at entry level LBS bikes. When I started researching the LBS bikes online it seemed like everywhere I looked there was someone pointing me in Airborne's direction. Once the Guardian had my attention it was a done deal. Way more bang for the buck and a reputation for good customer service and I was sold. Enjoy the bikes, you won't regret it!

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    Yes, really looking forward to dumping the "Sherman Tank" and get a real bike under my butt. I was focusing on the Guardian too, but she convinced me to go with the Goblin (she really did not have to twist my arm much). I'm conditioning myself for a good Lake Tahoe ride (Flume trail / Tahoe Rim etc) and might take out the tank for one more run this weekend as I have not received my shipping notice on email yet for the bikes so looks like sometime next week I hope, I'm feeling the pain of waiting.....

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