Jeremy, need help-
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    Jeremy, need help

    Hey, I know you were with the old Airborne, hoping you can
    answer a question......
    Will a 100mm fork work on my 99 Lucky Strike?
    I know it will change my HT angle, but will the HT hold up?
    Also, do you know anybody that has a Black Widow they are
    looking to sell?
    I do thank you for your input, and glad to see Airborne back!
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    Hey there,

    The Lucky Strike wasn't really designed for anything longer than an 80mm fork. You could put a 100mm fork on there, but increasing the ATC measurement means that the handling will probably be funky and there will definitely be increased strain on the frame. Will it break? Hard to say. I know that a lot of Ti frames from that era are reaching the end of their fatigue life and breaking now (just take a look at various posts in the past few years from Litespeed owners trying to envoke their "lifetime" warranties on their broken frames), so I would be hesitant in doing anything that may potentially shorten the lifespan of the product.

    On my old Lucky I tried a "long travel" Judy fork a long time ago that was 100mm and I hated it...the bike felt "floppy" and did not behave nicely while climbing. I'd really recommend the 80mm fork.

    I haven't seen a Black Widow or a Ti Hag (the Ti version of the Black Widow) for sale for a long while. There weren't very many Black Widows that were produced and many of them came back due to the cracks in the body filler used at the joints to make it appear "seemless". There were even fewer Ti Hags made; there was a small batch made one year then after that it became a custom "made to order" frame.

    Hope that helps and good luck!

    Please Note: I no longer work for Airborne. If you have an Airborne question or problem please contact them directly.

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    Thank you for the response, if and when it breaks, I am sending it
    to you to fix!

    So far it is doing great, will keep the 80mm Manitou that is on it.
    When it does go, will be getting a new Airborne, as long as you bring back
    the WW2 graphics........
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