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    New question here. Hobgoblin suspension rebuild. Pivot bolt question.

    I've started the process of rebuilding my Hobgoblin's suspension and ran into a question hopefully somebody here can help answer. I have the rear triangle removed and the bearings there already swapped out, but I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to remove the connecting bolts on the two pivot linkages. It looks like it's just an M6 hex on one side and a 17mm nut on the other, but I can't get them to come apart. Do I just need to apply some more mechanical persuasion?Maybe some PB blaster or liquid wrench? Am I'm missing simple?

    Pictured: one of the two pivot connections in question:Hobgoblin suspension rebuild. Pivot bolt question.-img_20160922_175543.jpgHobgoblin suspension rebuild. Pivot bolt question.-img_20160922_175556.jpg

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    You are correct - it should be that simple. The bolts are aluminum and have loctite on them from the factory. It may require a little bit of effort to remove, especially if its not been undone in a few seasons of dirt and riding. Be certain you have a 17mm wrench that only has 6 points on it for best fit, the 12 tend to not have as much purchase area and are more prone to rounding the head off.

    Hope that helps,

    Please Note: I no longer work for Airborne. If you have an Airborne question or problem please contact them directly.

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    Thanks Jeremy! I ended up figuring it out late yesterday evening, the answer was indeed the careful application of more force. I applied a some more more leverage (thanks old seat post!) and the fasteners finally budged.

    Now that the frame has been disassembled it's time for a deep clean and some fresh bearings!

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