• 08-20-2013
    Guardian 2.0 Component Weights
    To all and Jeremy,

    Has anyone weighed out any of the Airborne Components like seat post, stems, handlebars, ect. I have to get a shorter stem and would hate to get one that weighed more. If anyone has any of these weights let me know, if not Jeremy do you have a sheet that has your companies weights on such things?

    thanks, any info would be great.
  • 08-20-2013
    Have a look here, these should be close enough to what you have.


  • 08-20-2013
    Shorter stem, which size you looking at? I'm going 70mm myself. I just wonder how much that will affect handling.
  • 08-21-2013
    looks like im going to go raceface evolve 90mm, although the 70mm may be the way to go.