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    Goblin vs Goblin Evo

    Hello fellow airbornians,

    Currently I have a pieced together airborne goblin. It has a 100mm reba 9mm qr.

    I ride mostly rocky trails. Lots of log overs and log piles along with other obstacles. Some of the trails are quite steep. I enjoy catching airtime throughout my ride all under 2ft but wouldn't mind hitting bigger stuff. Enjoy flying down trails as well as slow and technical.

    I have been eyeing up the goblin evo since it was announced. The main differences it would have from my current goblin is thru axles f/r, 120 revolution vs 100mm reba, 69ht angle vs 71, 2.4inch tires vs 2.2, Slightly beefier frame, shorter chain stays.

    What I am asking is am I actually going to notice a significant difference riding down the trail. I'm not saying "I think it rides different" I'm saying will it be worth it to part out my bike and purchase a evo?

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    Wow! Hard question. The only ones to ride the Evolution so far are Airborne folks. The first Evos are just now shipping. We're stuck guessing just like you....and "worth it" is such a personal calculation and partly goes back to how much $$ you can get for your Goblin and how much you're willing to lose on the whole swap.

    Having said that, the specs are promising for a rider like you. Just the Charger wheelset alone should be a benefit over the XC-oriented Goblin wheelset.

    The question on how different it will feel is a good one. From all of the info, I can only guess that it will feel quite a bit better for your uses. The shorter stays should make the front a bit lighter to lift. The slacker HT should mean greater steering stability at speed. The shorter stem and wider bars should make it steer well but with a more rearward weight bias. The plush tires will do their thing. I can only assume that the changes here will be very noticeable and welcome.

    But worth it? Wish I knew.

    Maybe you can call Airborne to see if they will be offering a frame-only Evo in the future for a parts swap-over.

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    If you are into riding hard and pushing your equipment you are going to see a huge difference...the thru axle is going to make the front end stiffer thus tracking will be better...longer travel on the fork..bigger hits at speed while staying in control...one of the biggest benefits I see is having the ability to run those big 2.4s on it...those big tires soak up a lot of the rough stuff..the Charger wheel set is tough as nails..I assume the tubing is a little bigger on the EVO so another plus there...if you just rode nothing but hard pack xc stuff where speed was the biggest factor then the Goblin is a great platform for that...getting into the technical stuff and really hitting it the EVO seems a great plat form to do that on...for the trails we have around here the Goblin is perfect...but I am still tempted to pull the trigger on the EVO...you give up a little flat land speed and climbing speed with the 2.4 inch tire but for a long day out on a rough trail it makes for a awesome ride with out beating you down..gets you into shape as well..

    I have been running a pair of Chargers for three years with zero issues and I do not treat them very well..worth it...good question..your riding style and what you want to accomplish may be the answer..right tool for the job!

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    It sounds like what you're riding and the riding you'd like to pursue is more trail/am, instead of XC. The EVO is tailored to that kind of riding, while the Goblin is really an XC rocket. I put my Goblin and Guardian through a pretty good torture test - from straight up XC riding to some pretty treacherous AM/trail stuff, technical, drops, jumps... The bikes held up fine, but you could tell as you maneuvered through some 'moves', that these bikes were not intended for that type of riding.

    The EVO is.

    IF I were going to hop-up my Guardian to be an AM/Trail shredder, it would end up resembling the EVO very closely. Airborne describes it like this: "Almost as fast as an XC bike, only made to be bumped, jumped, and occasionally dumped over more rugged terrain."

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    So will the evo give a more comfortable ride over the goblin? I know we're still talking hardtails, but these seem to be two quite different bikes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeinMinn View Post
    Maybe you can call Airborne to see if they will be offering a frame-only Evo in the future for a parts swap-over.
    At this time we are only selling them as completes. We may offer a frame option in the future but at this time there are no plans.

    So will the evo give a more comfortable ride over the goblin? I know we're still talking hardtails, but these seem to be two quite different bikes.
    The larger 2.4 tires will probably add some additional bump/chatter absorbtion over the 2.2's that come on the Goblin. But the Evolution frame is definitely stiffer than the Goblin frame due to the larger tubes, PFBB, squared seat tube, and rear thru axle.

    Please Note: I no longer work for Airborne. If you have an Airborne question or problem please contact them directly.

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