First EVO trail ride.-
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    First EVO trail ride.

    First let me put out a disclaimer: My problems with Airbornes business practices which I have been vocal about, and have caused some push back by people on this board in no way reflects my feelings on the actual product. It is my hope, as I have always stated that Airborne gets things back on track and starts acting like a legitimate business that is out to compete, grow, and have a long time brand.

    That being said this will be my last post in these forums, either as a stand alone thread or as a reply. So flame away. I may return if news hits the wire that Airborne has restructured and has a new direction.

    Now to my ride

    This was actually my 3rd trail ride with my new EVO. However the first 2 rides were short (4 miles) stints meant to get me used to the feel of the bike as well as tweak anything that needed tweaking (seat, handle bar height etc..).

    Upon hitting the single track along the first mile of my ride yesterday I was having difficulty steering my EVO, as the front end felt loose and too involved in my cornering. The bike felt like a dump truck. As I got into my 4th and 5th mile of single track I started to get a feel for the bike and its characteristics. Suddenly the bike was going where I wanted it to go simply by picking my line and watching it. I stopped over steering and the bike started cornering like a 26" Carbon. By the end of the ride I was simply blown away by the handling of this big bike. Despite meatier tires and 6 pounds of more weight than my previous bike (Stumpy Comp), the bike cornered and flowed better than my Stumpy. Thats not supposed to happen but the EVO somehow makes it happen.

    Ride feel:
    Seriously who needs a full suspension? The aluminum frame, 2.4 max tires, 19" wheels (tubeless) and Revelation suspension make this bike ride like a fat bike. It rolls over everything; and does it with little chatter, keeping the wheels on the ground where they are needed. Normally early in the season my back will hurt after a full trail ride. However I have zero ill effects today from my ride as the EVO rode like a Caddilac on my local trails.

    Momentum/ Hills:
    No serious hills where I ride locally. The climbing I did do with the EVO was effortless, again despite the heavy weight of the bike. The more up and down geometry of the Trail specific EVO does require a bit more forward lean on uphills, but the bike seemed to WANT to climb. Again the effort seemed to better my Stumpy from last year. A truer test will be on the big hills usually found on my race circuit. As of right now any worries I had about climbing with this beast of a bike are gone.

    It takes a bit more to get the EVO going than my Stumpy. 2.4 wheels and 6 extra pounds will do that. However once the bike was going it seemed to hold momentum exceedingly well. Maintaining speed was as simply as applying a few extra pedal strokes mid corner or slight rise.

    Shifting/ Braking:
    The shifting right out of the box has been pretty good. There are a few kinks to get out, however I have zero issues with chain hang or being stuck between gears. The triggers work quick and effortlessly.

    I have had a hard time getting my front rotor to not rub. I have tried just about everything I know (and a few things I looked up on you tube) to get it to stop, and I just cant get rid of the slight rub. I was hoping that wearing in the pads a bit would change that, but so far it hasnt. Also the rear brake while working fine, is making a very loud screeching noice while being applied. A sound beyond the normal sound of brake pads being worn in. So while the brakes are working, and they work very well, I am probably going to need to have my local shop look at them. A bit disappointing; however it is likely that someone with more bike mechanics knowledge would fix these minor issues without the need of a shop.

    Despite my concerns with Airborne the company, the product is excellent. My EVO behaves like a lighter, smaller, more nimble bike and the components live up to the hype. If I had the choice between keeping the EVO or going back to my Stumpy, I would keep the EVO hands down.

    Hopefully Airborne improves communication, inventory issues, and its website so other people can get an opportunity in the future to enjoy these excellent bikes at a great price!
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    There are some tricks with the brake pads that will silence the brakes, but this is an experimental option. Two tricks I'm aware of is putting tape on the back of the pads. The other is using an automotive brake lub on the back of the pads, which is what I did to fix my brake noise. There is lots of controversy on this, but it worked for me. Google your options and experiment. Good luck!

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    The brakes can be a little Finicky. Check to make sure rotor bolts are tight. Back out the two tiny set screws, loosen the mounting bolts and push the caliper towards the center of the bike so the outside pad is up against the rotor. Tighten the mounting bolts down, then screw in the set screws until the pad comes off the rotor. I did this for a while until they needed a bleed and swapped for Shimano brakes.

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    my front rotor was rubbing out of the box too. it was driving me nuts. then I found the directions on how to adjust them. loosen up the caliper assembly, give it a good shake side to side to self center, give the brake lever a good hard squeeze, and while holding in the brake lever...tighten the caliper assembly back up. had to do it a couple times to get right, but haven't had to mess with it since.
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    the directions are here under "Mounting the caliper to the frame or fork".

    and I told you wrong above, give the caliper assembly a good shake while holding in the brake lever, not before, maybe why it took me a couple tries lol.
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