broke chain 3 times in one week-
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    broke chain 3 times in one week

    I switched to a 1x10 set up this past weekend and I shortens the chain so derailleur was at 45 degrees on largest cog. I bought a park multi tool that had a removable Chain brake tool. It doesn't have the tight link removal option so I was kinda bummed. Anyways, I have been trying to remove the stiff links by hand. I've never had a chain brake until using this tool, so I have to assume it's me or the tool. I noticed when I push out the rivet there is a small circle of metal like it broke the lip of the rivet. Can a stiff link cause the chain to brake? Every time it's broken it has been while in a smaller rear cassette so I don't think it's a length issue. Is a chain weaker after using the tool? I've watched a few vids on using the tool and feel I have the process down now. Any input would be great. I gotta buy a new chain now, but now I don't have any confidence in my chain for long rides.

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    You can't reuse the pins you push out. Its the lip of the rivet that holds it in. Use a sram powerlink to fix the broken chain.

    Btw: break, not brake

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    Didn't push pins out. Only pushed them out enough to get chain back together. That's the way every video from YouTube to pinkbike shows people doing them. Your suggesting I run two master links? I've always thought that was bad.

    thanks for the spelling lesson.

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    If you've broken the same chain multiple times, using the same tool, I'd fathom a guess it's combination of the two - you and the tool.

    Get a different chain tool. There should be no "leftover" pieces (metal circles) when you break or rejoin a chain.

    As suggested, a magic link is a viable option, but not necessarily ideal for multiple breaks. I've been on rides where a person had similar chain woes, and ended up with 4 magic links on one chain (long story). The magic links were the parts not breaking....
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    Oh the multiple reasons a chain can break after taking it apart. First off, Shimano chain pins are not designed to be reused. That's why they give you a new one with a new chain. I like to use sram or kmc missing links. Using pins, new or old, there is so much to be aware of and I generally want to get out and ride. Making sure the pin is properly pushed in evenly, the link isn't stiff, etc. I would recommend picking up a couple missing links. Oh and like Jerry said, only one per chain unless it's an emergency situation.

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    Definitely pick up a dedicated chain tool. Most chain tools that are on a multi-tool are really there for emergency situations and lack the quality/function of a dedicated one. If you would have had one with the stop/shelf for loosening tight links the chance of pushing a pin in/out too far like you did would be greatly diminished.

    I have several of the CT-5 Chain Tools and they've been great.

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    broke chain 3 times in one week-2015-01-21-06.29.03.jpg

    Here's the one I'm using. It's a park multi tool, where the chain break comes out. I thought it would be sufficient, but then later I realized it didn't have the tight link removal option.

    If you look at the pic, you can see where it is removing a thin metal shaving from the rivet. It did the exact same thing all three times I used it. I'm going back to the LBS today to pick up a new chain, the Parktool CT-5 chain tool and have the mechanic take a look at the shavings left on the tool.

    I'll do my best to get the length correct the first time with this new chain so that I will only have to use the supplied quick link and not worry about pressing any pins back in.

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. Jeremy - Hope you are enjoying the new job.

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