I've been busy lately looking at bikes for my wife. Mostly its been deciding between a Seeker or Guardian or building a frame up Goblin for my wife. Then it just hit me, maybe I should check if you guys have any plans to build a women specific bike. So, do you guys have any plans to make a womens XC bike? From what I have seen, that usually entails a shorter effective top tube and a little less agreesive color scheme.

If there are no plans for a womens specific geometry, how about less aggresive color schemes? Nothing pink and flowery, but just a little brighter. Take the Seeker for example. Instead of a gray bike, maybe the gray could be made a bright yellow or blue. (Provided it works with the Orange decals). Maybe for the Goblin bring back the original green design. (The Guardian already has a black edition and a white edition.) Like I said not necessarily femine, unless you make a women specific geo. But how about some more color?

I do understand that you need to keep the options down to keep cost down. And maybe a second set of colors does add too much cost, but I just wanted to put it out there. I have seen people make buying decisions based on bike color and even myself I have preferences. And I know my wife does too. So there it is. Thanks for listening.