Any Blue Goblin love-
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    Any Blue Goblin love

    I don't see much Goblin love on this site any more. How are people liking the newer blue Goblins? I have a couple questions. I am considering a couple of Goblins for my 2 boys who have gotten into MTB racing. They are about 5'-6" and growing so they have outgrown their Marlin 5 27.5" bikes and I want to get them into a medium framed bike they can grow into over the next 4-5 years as they race. So here are my questions about the Goblins.

    1) That headtube angle at 71.5* looks really steep. Are these bikes twitchy or unstable downhill and at speed. My boys are coming from the Marlins that have at 69.3* head tube angle, so I have concerns about their stability

    2) How fat of a tire can you fit inside that frame. The stock 2.0" tire seems kind of narrow.

    3) Any other thoughts or comments on the Blue Goblin?

    For reference, my wife has a small frame silver Goblin I built. We love that bike. Its very smooth and very stable. I also have a Niner EMD that has specs similar to the Blue Goblin. The EMD does feel more twitchy than the old Goblin. So I have concerns about the blue Goblin since it is even steeper angles than my EMD.

    Those on blue Goblins give me your thoughts.

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    Wow, no one has a blue Goblin? What's happened to all the excitement about Airborne?

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