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    Airborne Zeppelin Elite for Women?

    One of my readers recently asked:

    I am looking for a good mountain/trail bike. My boyfriend recently purchased an Airborne Zeppelin Elite and suggested I get the same one. I really like the bike but am not sure if it is suitable for a woman. Is this strictly a man's bike? I can't seem to find any information specifying and would like to know for sure. Thanks in advance!

    Does anyone have any advice for her?


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    I would suggest going to a LBS and seeing what fit's her.
    From there call Airborne and talk with them about sizing
    for her based on what fit at the LBS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    I really like the bike but am not sure if it is suitable for a woman. Is this strictly a man's bike?
    Don't think in those terms.

    Are you more or less the same size as your boyfriend? Have you test-ridden his bike? Are you comfortable on it? Then you're good.

    If you need a smaller or larger frame, then you will want to find some way to test some different sizes and zero in on a size that works. This is where you get an advantage buying from a shop versus online.

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    I would add, generally speaking what she's looking for to disambiguate a men's model from a women's model is a shorter top tube. Many bike brands use a super-short stem on the Men's frame and call it women-specific. That is the worst way to go about it. It doesn't get the torso in a good place to handle the bike.

    I would also advise that most brands source from the same couple of OEM's, so as long as the top tube is ACTUALLY shorter and she needs that feature (most do) then don't get caught up in the bike details and buy from a shop she's comfortable frequenting.

    Oh, and budget for a saddle, shorts and helmet in the purchase of the bike.

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