Hello all

i dont have much to spend, 500 max.

Am eyeing up several used/new ti frames at the moment.

I want a ti frame for the compliance/feel of ti, and this is going to be my only bike.

My budget seems to be forcing me towards either a 2nd hand Airborne (or van nic as is now) or the chinese original makers versions, the new hi light stuff which used to be seen cheaply on ebay.

So of the airbornes which was the best?

1) I like the look of the black widow but does the thin bit of plate on the back actually have any effect, if so what?

2)the next down being the lucky strike, thick rear stays, gusset on the downtube, but is the ride still compliant?

3) the lancaster, basic and cheap, but nice s shaped rear stays...

any experiences of any of these?

or other ideas for a light compliant xc 80-100mm corrected ti frame for 300 to 500?

it needs to be 15-16" with a 22" max top tube

BTW the cheapest basic chinese frame i can find is 350 delivered, the black widow chinese version is now 600 +....