Airborne Misgiviings-
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    Airborne Misgiviings

    I went ahead and pulled the trigger a week ago on a Goblin XO, but now I'm having second thoughts only because of the lack of communication by Airborne. I just wonder what would happen if I have a warranty issue down the road. I realize they are a small company, but if their niche is going to be "on-line, direct to consumer" bike sales, then they better figure out how to "talk" to their customers.

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    This seems to be a common complaint with airborne lately. Multiple other threads have popped up where people couldn't contact them. Some people mentioned it was easier to contact Airborne through their facebook page. For the price, the bike's are nice, but customer service really needs to pick back up.

    Moral of the story. pick up your damn phone.

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    Well, I just received an email from Airborne with the Fedex tracking number...looks like I'll have my Goblin XO on Friday. Can't wait!!

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    Glad to hear you got your tracking#. I had to annoy them for the better part of week, 3 different people, to get mine.

    As watts said, they seem to be more responsive on fb but I sure hope they get it together and respond to email/calls, and increase their presence here. Let's hope this is just a tough spot for them.

    The more I think about it, it seems pretty shortsighted to NOT have a vigilant presence here in their own Branded forum because these threads are out there for prospective customers to google forever. The more of these types of threads people find, the less likely people are to buy from them. If people posted a negative thread and hours later an Airborne rep came along to say "PM sent. We'll get you taken care of!", all is well and it actually looks good for them. My $.02.

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